After approximately 2 hours in the barracks the police forced an entry. Several hours of talking with them couldn‘t convince them to back off. All people had to leave their personal details, however due to the collective effort of the 30-50 people, who were inside, all equipment was saved. (music system, electric system, food and beverages.) We will keep this site updated – we would be glad of any support and solidarity. Please feel free to write to us: juzmaraldo /at/ riseup.net

On June 11h, activists occupied the reserve army barracks of the German army in Bensheim, South Hessia.

Bensheim used to be full of occupied houses. However, this situation has changed during the last 30 years. The last youth centre (run by the local council) was closed in the late 90s, until now policy makers have been quite unable to make the plans for a new Juz (German abbreviation for youth centre) become reality. Since the last centre closed, there have been several attempts to reopen a new one. Originally the »SKJuZ e.V.« (Selbstverwaltetes Kultur- und Jugendzentrum Bensheim e.V.) was formed to aid this cause. Due to internal difficulties and a seemingly hopeless struggle, the group disbanded in 2000. Since then the »JUKUZ e.V.« has formed (Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Bensheim e.V.). Unfortunately, due to the never ending lies and unkept promises by politicians, activists have recognised that a new youth centre will not be got through talking. Direct action is required.

This is the foremost motivation to squat the old barracks and transform them into a centre, open to young and old, for any self-organised, non-commercial, political or cultural venture they wish to engage in.

We also see the occupation as a way to protest against the German military and militarism in general. The German Army has visited schools in Bensheim as part of their effort to recruit more personnel. We will not pass these disgusting propaganda events uncommented! To squat an unused military base to display our contempt for any form of state-imposed violence, seemed like a good idea to us.

In breaking into the base, we have violated many German laws. Primarily we are guilty of »Hausfriedensbruch« (breaking and entering). We are aware that this would result in severe punishments, if we are incarcerated. Our only hope lies in the numbers we can mobilise. If we manage to generate so much political pressure that no eviction will take place, we may manage to legalise our project and evade repression.